The Rosemary Lane Nursery has held their fancy dress walk for more than 20 years, with kids and families donning costumes and bringing the traffic to a standstill in their village.

With great support the procession left Easington Village nursery and walked over a mile to the bottom of the shops at Easington Colliery, before turning around and heading to the Easington Colliery Primary School for a picnic.

Local residents supported the tots and their families along the way.

Ann Fenwick, a member of staff at the nursery said the money they have raised is still coming in and they hope to raise more than £1,000, possibly matching last year’s total of £1,300.

All money raised goes to the nursery, to help with activities and trips for the children.

Ann said:

“The event went really well. We were lucky that it didn’t rain because it had been horrible the day before, but we managed to complete the walk and stay dry.”

“We did the same route as usual and once again we had huge support from our families.”

“People came out to greet the children and cars were pipping for us. We even had them stopping their cars to throw money into the collection buckets.”

A good time was had by all, and the tots did so well walking so far!

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