Playskill pre-school in Hemel Hempstead is celebrating after securing £30,000 in funding from Children in Need, enabling the setting to continue providing childcare well into next year.

The setting is based at Woodfield School and is charity run, working with children who have special physical needs.

The team at the nursery includes a physiotherapist, occupational therapist and speech and language therapist, all of who provide intensive help to the children in their care. The pre-school helps prepare the children for full time education and equips  them with essential life skills.

Director and paediatric physiotherapist Andrea Clarke said: “It is absolutely wonderful to know our groups can continue in Hemel Hempstead next year, as they make such a difference.”

To celebrate their funding grant, Playskill threw a beach themed Hawaiian party for the youngsters, with older children having a reunion party with previous Playskill attendees at Langlebury Children’s Farm.

Visit www.playskill.org to find out more.

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