Ofsted inspectors visited St Margaret’s Pre-School in Stratton and have suggested that the setting is too noisy, and that the children should play more quietly.

The setting was rated as “good” across all areas and the full report heaped praise on the happiness and confidence of the children who attend.

However it continued to say that the noise levels were not conducive to learning and that children needed more opportunities to develop their understanding of the world.

The report, released on July 23, states: "Children have fewer opportunities to develop their understanding of the world, in relation to recycling and use of technological toys.”

"At times, the noise level in the pre-school does not aid the concentration of children who wish to play quietly."

Whilst criticising the management of the noise level, they continued to praise other areas in the setting, such as the support given to children at the pre-school and the robust recruitment and induction procedures of the staff.

The report said: "Children are happy and self-confident within the pre-school. They are well supported by a strong key-person approach and enjoy a welcoming environment. This helps them to feel at ease and encourages a sense of belonging.

"Staff enhance children's communication and language skills very well through successful conversations, effective questioning and full participation at group times.

"Children play in a safe, clean and well maintained pre-school, which supports their health and well-being. Staff encourage good behaviour and reinforce kindness through effective praise and use of reward stickers.

"Children participate in a wide range of activities, which enhances their development and supports their creativity.

"Children enjoy the freedom to play inside or outside.

"Children enter the pre-school with confidence with staff close to hand to offer warmth and a friendly atmosphere. This helps children to settle and have a sense of security. Staff provide a child-friendly environment as they set out toys and resources to ignite children's interests and promote their learning.

"Children acquire good independence, which prepares them for their future move to school.

"Partnerships with parents are strong and parents speak highly of their children's development and the commitment of staff. Staff have positive partnerships with other professionals involved in children's care and learning."

So, can high noise levels really hinder the development of our children?

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