Everyone finds it hard to have those awkward conversations about fees, especially child carers! Even though your main priority is providing exceptional childcare, you shouldn’t have to wait around to be paid by parents.

With Parenta’s automated fee collection, you can collect your payment on a set day through direct debit. This simple solution takes the money straight out of parents’ bank account, ready for you to collect. You can change the amount you take as  necessary – all you need to do is inform us on a monthly basis or if using our Abacus software system, keep your sessions up-to-date and have the amount owed ready on collection day.

If you do invest in this innovative way of making sure you never miss a pay day, you won’t have to constantly worry about late fees and instead concentrate on what really matters – the children.

As well as it benefitting you, it also benefits the parents. They won’t have to worry about paying you on time or writing cheques for you on top of everything else they have to worry about; it’s all taken care of when you sign up to fee collection!

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