Previously rated inadequate by Ofsted, Wisbech St Mary Pre-School finally turned their fortunes around with some determination and hard work.

The latest inspection team praised their teaching and relations with children in a report that saw them rated as “good”.

Chairman Abi Payne is thrilled and had this to say of their achievement:

“We have a very strong committee and staffing team which has enabled us to put in the hard work and dedication.”

Within the report, it states: “Teaching is good. Staff readily play alongside children and enter their imaginary worlds.”

“They pretend to be pirates and, in this way, promote learning by encouraging children to draw treasure maps, follow directions and eventually practise counting their gold coins and treasure.”

It continued to praise the bonds they have formed, adding:

“Since the last inspection, the pre-school has made good progress. The management team has embraced the support from the local authority advisors and colleagues from other local early years provisions.

“This has proved to be invaluable in addressing actions and recommendations raised previously.”

The pre-school has been advised to “refine ways to coach and supervise staff” to further enhance the quality of teaching.

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