Ofcom, the independent regulator for communications, runs an annual survey to track the marketing and technology habits of people in Britain. To save you reading their report from page to page, here’s what we think are the most interesting highlights and how you can use this information to draw more parents to your nursery website:

Smartphones overtake laptops as UK internet users’ number one device.

Make sure your nursery website is mobile compatible with Androids and Iphones, as well as being easy to access from portable devices such as Ipads and laptops. If your website can’t do this, it’s not pulling its weight and you’ll be missing out on maximising the number of all-important new enquiries.

During 2014, 4G subscriptions have leapt from 2.7 million to 23.6 million by the end of 2014.

4G networks offer faster, more reliable broadband on smartphones, tablets and laptops than the common 3G. Many phones sold nowadays are “4G enabled”, so they’re designed to use this faster internet connection when it’s available. With digital technology gearing up to be super fast, make sure your nursery website isn’t letting you down by taking too long to load.

Over a third of adults (34%) turn over and check their phones within five minutes of waking up.  Around half (49%) of young people aged 18-24 check their phones within five minutes of waking up.

Make sure your nursery website is linked to its own social media page, such as Facebook and Twitter. If you have spaces to fill, let all your followers know. Update your page early in the morning and last thing at night, so it’s the first thing parents see on their newsfeed when they wake up and check their phones. Timing really is everything.

Huge growth in short-form video clips which are even more popular than watching a film or TV programme: 42% of people say they watch short videos on their phone.

Think of all the different ways you can promote your setting in video form. It could be that you do a video tour of all your rooms and post a link to this on your nursery website. You could even do a short video introducing the nursery manager and other staff members, the possibilities are endless!

Keeping those enquiries coming in means getting clever and creative with how you showcase your setting. Understanding the role that technology has in advertising to parents plays a large part of this. From simple things like making sure parents can view your website on their mobile phone to finally embracing Facebook for your nursery – there’s so many things you can do to keep filling places.

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