A Crawley childminder has been awarded a “good” by Ofsted and praised for the “good relationships she builds with children”.

Leandre Thornback was given the rating during her inspection on July 21 at her home in Rother Crescent. Inspectors said she had a "secure understanding" of the learning and development of children in her care, providing a great range of activities that motivate the children.

The report added: "The childminder observes and assesses children's development effectively. She has a good knowledge of how children are developing and she has good relationships with the children."

Ms Thornback cares for children under the age of 8, looking after up to 6 at any given time, with 5 on her books at the time of inspection. Ofsted explained why she was not yet outstanding, stating that key times of the day were not exploited for learning opportunities.

"The childminder does not always allow children enough time to consider and respond to her questions [...] and does not take all opportunities to promote learning during routine times of the day, such as snack time."

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