A Barnton nursery owner has been accused of dragging a 4 year old boy across the floor by the ankles and restraining him aggressively whilst he was in her care at a nursery she owned.

She is due to stand trial early next year, and the nursery in question has been closed, whilst another nursery she owns continues to operate.

The owner has a long history in the childcare business, starting back in 1984;  establishing a “Pre-Prep School” in 88.

A spokesperson from Police Scotland confirmed:

“Police in Edinburgh arrested and charged a 55-year-old woman in connection with the assault of a four-year-old child, which occurred at a nursery in the west of the city on July 2.”

The Care Inspectorate have said they are investigating four complaints against a nursery in Barnton, adding that one of those has been passed on to police. An official spokesperson released the following statement:

“We have since received notification from the care provider of their intention to cancel the registration of the nursery with effect from September 7, 2015.”

“Anyone with a concern about a care service should contact our helpline on 0345 600 9527.”

Local Councillor Lindsay Paterson, conservative representative for Almond, said: “Any allegations of that kind are shocking.”

“It’s ongoing at the moment so we will have to wait and see what the result of the court case is.”

“It’s going to be a worrying situation for parents whose children were attending the nursery.”

“I think the Care Inspectorate has a thorough investigation system so, at this stage, I would just be looking for collaboration between the council, parents and other nursery providers on the issue of finding places for children whose nursery is now closed.”

Cllr Paterson added: “A lot of local parents will use that nursery so it will obviously be a concerning time trying to find a new nursery for their child.”

“You just have to hope that parents are able to find alternative childcare provision, which I’m not sure is particularly easy.”

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