Padiwacks nursery and children’s centre has been rated as ‘requires improvement’ by education watchdog Ofsted. Losing their ‘good’ rating has left the setting devastated and they are now launching an appeal against a report that they believe is highly inaccurate.

With the inspection taking place in August, the centre launched their appeal the day after receiving their report this month, with a decision expected by October 10.

Setting owner Colin Woodend has said of the report:

“The staff have been left devastated as it seems like all their hard work has been ignored.

“I disagree with everything in the report and I have submitted a comprehensive appeal.”

The centre was set up in 2007 and has 133 children on its roll, with 19 members of childcare staff.

They were criticised for not meeting the needs of the children in the correct ways, with the inspector stating:

“Staff do not closely monitor the assessments they make of children and use the information gained to plan challenging experiences, to maximise children’s learning and progress.

“Children make steady rather than good progress.

“Teaching is variable and therefore, requires improvement.

“Staff do not regularly share information with parents about their child’s progress.

“This means that they are not always fully informed of children’s learning and development, and supported to extend their children’s learning at home. Staff do not use every opportunity to extend older children’s independence during routine activities.”

This latest report now means the setting does not meet the legal requirements for an early years setting.

Mr Woodend added: “I disagree with everything in the report to be honest.

“I can’t say too much as we are in the middle of the appeals process but I will say that Ofsted has been very helpful with the appeal so far.”

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