PRESS RELEASE: Parenta ran a national survey, where childcare providers from all over the UK were asked a series of questions on how they managed their setting. This covered finance, marketing, staff performance, customer engagement and managing paperwork.

Over 100 people replied to the survey, from smaller settings run by childminders to larger chain nurseries. When asked whether they used nursery management software in their setting, 55% of providers surveyed said yes.

Parenta then looked into whether there was a positive correlation between having nursery management software and whether that setting was on track to make a profit this year, or if there was no link at all.

It found that, in nearly 2 out of 3 (63%) instances, there was a positive link between a setting being on track to make a profit at the end of the year and having management software in place.

Carly Garrett, Operations Manager at nursery chain Banana Moon, knows exactly what it takes to grow a profitable childcare business. Set up in 2006, Banana Moon had 10 franchisees sign up in the first year. She said:

“I think it is fair to say that [nursery management software] has cut down planning and preparation work in our nurseries by 50%, once the system is put in place and ready to go. Life before…was frustrating, as it was difficult for us to see where payments were coming from.”

Although management software plays an integral part in the success of large nursery chains like Banana Moon, it seems that there is every reason for newly established settings to embrace this technology too. Little Adventurers Nursery in Essex opened earlier this year and believe management software holds the key to supporting their growth:

“We have been able to open our nursery with systems up and running in the sure knowledge that as we grow, the software will really come into its own  – providing us with templates, accounting, reports, statistics and ratio calculations to support not only the important operational side of our business but also the marketing and financial areas as well.”

Using management software, childcare providers are able to streamline their administration processes and ensure their record keeping is accurate. This means that less time is spent tracking down key information and business performance can be measured more easily, as managers have instant access to the data they need to make key decisions.
Notes to Editors:

Parenta provides childcare training, advice and software products to the Early Years sector.

It supports more than 1,500 learners through their childcare qualifications every year.

Parenta was established in 1999 and is based in Maidstone, Kent.

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