A Portishead nursery has been celebrating recently after their latest Ofsted inspection rated it as outstanding.

Lakehouse Nursery, which is situated on Beach Road West in Portishead, was last inspected in April 2011 where their result then was “good” but they’ve made significant improvements since then.

Julie Bright, the Ofsted inspector who visited the nursery, wrote in her report that the quality of the teaching the children were receiving at the nursery was “consistently outstanding” and that the management of the nursery were “passionate” and “visionary”.

The report goes on to say that the parents of the children who are attending Lakehouse Nursery are extremely happy with the service that they are providing, especially the strong bond the children have been developing with their teachers.

Zoe Parsons, the director of Lakehouse Nursery, has praised the staff she has working with her saying that they’re all “amazing” and that they put a lot of hard work into providing the best possible service, which is the reason for their outstanding Ofsted rating.

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