Marie Lee, a childminder from Moira, has been awarded her third “good” rating by Ofsted following her recent inspection.

Marie,52, who runs the service from her home in Moria, Derbyshire, was ecstatic at being awarded a “good” rating for the third time.

Talking about it, Ms Lee said that she was very pleased with the result she had received, adding that she didn’t want to aim for an “outstanding” mark as the children are there ‘to have fun and enjoy themselves’ and that she does it because she loves the job.

The Ofsted inspector who graded Ms Lee said that she was calm and reassuring whilst doing her job, providing the children with healthy snacks and nutritious home cooked meals as well as teaching the children about a healthy lifestyle.

He said: "She is a good role model. She teaches children to share, take turns, have good manners and behave well.

"She gives them clear guidance about her expectations for their behaviour."

He also added that Ms Lee hadn’t yet achieved an “outstanding” mark because she was currently not sharing information well enough with the children’s other settings to make sure all their learning and developmental needs are met.

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