Chantel, 18, has recently joined Parenta and is doing a business administration apprenticeship. Here, she gives her honest opinion on what she thinks the benefits of not going to university are:

University isn’t for everyone.

It’s that time of year where students are applying to prospective universities; the majority are twiddling their thumbs wondering whether they should or shouldn’t go. It has become common knowledge that, over the last few years, education fees are increasing dramatically; making it harder for students to go away to university and there is a lot of pressure on alternative routes as not being substantial enough to get them very far.

In recent years, the apprenticeship scheme has become increasingly popular with 55,000 18-year-olds opting for apprenticeships last year.

As someone who has already been through the system this year, I wholeheartedly understand the pressures that come with the next coming months. My decision to apply and go to university was not of complete choice, I conformed to the pressures of modern day education, although I liked the idea, I knew deep down university was not for me.

After battling with living at university, moving back home, essays, travelling, family and finances (yes it is harder than you think) 6 weeks later  I finally decided to hang up my cap and gown and leave. I’d love to be able to say something clichéd like ‘it was the hardest thing I ever had to do,’ but in actual fact since starting my apprenticeship at Parenta I can honestly say I am a lot happier.

Apprenticeships enable you to work alongside people who have the necessary experience and have already been through the learning process, therefore they become friends as well as colleagues that you can rely on and go to with questions, as opposed to professors who you only correspond with via email and often find intimidating and domineering. As well as this, apprenticeships are an interactive way to learn everything you need to succeed in your desired role, whilst also providing you with all the essential experience.

Unlike going to university, where your free time is consumed with essays or working to pay the extortionate fees, in an apprenticeship, when you clock out your time is yours, there is no wasting time walking from lecture to lecture, you can go home to your friends and family at the end your shift and you’ll be getting paid for the time you have been there rather than juggling work with essay writing.

The most important thing to bear in mind when you’re making your final decision is unless you want to be a doctor, university is not an obligation and even after 3 years dedication there is no guaranteed job at the end of it. With an apprenticeship, often the role is yours after a mere year provided you’re dedicated and work hard.

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