During the day, your team is responsible for keeping children safe and well, therefore, parents have to place a lot of trust in your staff. They need to feel confident that leaving their children with you is the best possible option and the way they get a feel for this is through the interactions they have with your practitioners, both over the phone and face-to-face.


The word of mouth effect

Parents worry about their children, and this is natural. They usually seek advice from other parents, friends or online parenting forums. By ensuring that your team comes across as professional and welcoming at all times, parents will be more likely to recommend you to other mums and dads, therefore giving you more business. However, if one parent has a bad experience with poor customer service they’ve received, they’re likely to pass this on to other parents (some that might also use your service) and this can be very damaging.


Keep the focus on childcare

The best way to ensure a blossoming relationship with parents is to emphasise the importance of appearing professional to your team. Some parents are trickier to build a relationship with than others, but your practitioners should always be polite, friendly and ensure that when in contact with parents, they focus on discussing the child, their progress and what they’ve done that day. It’s also important that employees achieve a happy medium with parents, where they can be both informative and professional.


Use technology to provide the best service

You can also keep parents up-to-date during the day with software such as Dayshare, where you can share a child’s daily activities with parents though email. Any technology you use to make parents feel more involved in their child’s day can make building your relationship with parents a lot easier.

Lastly, it’s essential to remember that childcare, although vital, takes a large chunk out of the family budget and parents need to feel as though they’re getting a professional service at all times. Ensuring that parents have a positive experience with everyone they interact with on your team is key, otherwise you may find parents take their business elsewhere.


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