Ensuring the safety of those in your care is any nursery’s number one priority. Parents need to be able to trust that you’re physically able to look after their children as well as being able to keep personal data secure. So, we’ve put together a few ideas that can help you improve the security at your setting.

Use ID badges

Branded ID badges are a perfect way to visually recognise who is allowed to be in your nursery. It also means that you can easily identify who is a visitor and who works at the nursery, and so can parents or other visitors. They also convey professionalism to parents, who will feel happier knowing that you’re working hard to create a safer environment for their children.

Ensure two people open and close

There should always be two people opening and closing your nursery – this is for the safety of your staff as well as your setting. The key holders should always be members of management or senior staff and all keys should be kept track of and returned when people leave your setting.

Keep the gate/doors shut

Leaving a gate or door open is an invitation for strangers to get in and children to get out. Put up signs for parents and visitors to ensure they shut them securely again when they enter or leave the premises.

Consider using an intercom system

It can be difficult to keep track of those coming in and out of your nursery, especially when you’re busy doing lots of other jobs. You could consider installing an intercom system so that you can identify a visitor before they even come in the building.

Keeping data safe

It is becoming increasingly hard to keep your data as secure as possible. Using nursery management software such as Abacus will help keep your data safe because it is operated on a system which is similar to online banking. Compared to paper-based data, online records are much harder to lose or steal.

Ensuring that you’re taking adequate steps to ensure the safety and security of the children within your setting is paramount; helping to put yours and parents’ minds at rest. With some of the worry taken away, this will enable you to focus on spending more quality time with the children.

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