After the Music Box Nursery’s latest Ofsted inspection, it was found by inspectors that ‘unnecessary background noise’ was preventing the children from communicating clearly with staff and other children.

Ofsted inspector Mary Henderson told the nursery that it required improvement. She also said in her report that staff do not provide enough opportunities for the children to develop their listening, speaking and understanding skills. The report blasted managers, saying they were failing to provide effective monitoring of the staff and not addressing all their weaknesses when teaching.

Ms Henderson said in her report that there was also a large difference in the quality of teaching between staff caring for older and younger children. “Staff caring for babies and younger children provide a broad range of opportunities to experience a language rich environment,” she said. “Staff provide a running commentary during children’s play and daily routines. These children develop confidence in expressing themselves through verbal and non-verbal communication with one another and the staff caring for them.

“However, staff caring for the toddlers and pre-school children are sometimes less engaged. At times, these children wait for routine activities with very little interaction from the adults around them at the table.”

She added: “Nursery rhymes sometimes play so loudly in the toddler room that there are fewer opportunities for these children to consistently engage in conversations.”

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