As part of a project by children’s reading charity Book Trust, children under five can now receive a free sticker book when visiting their local library.

The sticker book, called Bear’s Reading Adventure, has been designed by the charity to make library visits more inspiring and exciting. The book follows the story of Book Trust’s blue bear mascot as he embarks on a reading quest to many different locations such as the supermarket, the park and the library.

In each book there are 10 items missing and the child will receive a sticker of one of the missing items every time they visit their local library.

Book Trust hopes that this will encourage more families to make regular library visits and begin to do daily and weekly reading with their children, starting from a young age.

The book’s author, Gemma Malley, said, “If you haven’t joined your local library or visited for a while, then do take a moment to see what’s going on.”

She added, “If a parent reads to their children every day they will be almost 12 months ahead of their age group when they start school. Even reading to them three to five times a week gives them a six-month head-start over those who read less often.”

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