When applying for a job, there are a handful of skills that you can take with you into any profession – and most of these you would have gained from school. You’ll be amazed at how well they can set you up for your first proper job!

Working well as part of a team

Being able to work in a team is essential; in the majority of jobs you’ll be expected to work with others and you want to be able to reassure employers that you can fit in well with current employees. For your CV, think about when you’ve worked well as part of a team to achieve a particular goal, focusing on what you learned and why you were successful.

Learning how to manage your time

Being punctual is essential to any role: it shows dedication, respect and professionalism to your employer. You’ll also be expected to take responsibility for your own workload by making sure you’ve set aside enough time to get everything done. Managing your time well is important to employers as they need to be able to rely on you.

Being able to lead a team

Being able to lead a team is something that will show promise to any employer. Although it might appear difficult to find ways to develop this skill, any group activities (such as orienteering) where different people are able to take the lead will give you this opportunity. If you’ve successfully taken on a team-leading role in the past, be sure to explore this on your CV.

Understanding the value of Information Technology

Most jobs will require you to have basic Microsoft Office skills (such as Word and Excel) as well as having web-based knowledge. This means being comfortable working your way around Google and knowing how to research and navigate websites, too.  Most job roles will require a basic level of IT knowledge, especially as technology advances.

If you can clearly demonstrate that you have these transferable skills to employers, you’ll stand yourself in good stead for getting the job you want. Having these skills will also benefit you no matter what sector you decide to go into, so they’re well worth developing.

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