Managing full-time work and family life with your apprenticeship coursework can make you feel as though there aren’t enough hours in the day. That’s why we’ve created some tips to make the process seem less daunting and keep you motivated along the way.

1. Speak to your family

Ensure your family know how much work you have to do for your course, so that they understand how important study time is. Telling them what you’re doing will make the process easier as they’ll be able to support you, especially if you have to do less around the house or if you’re unable to be involved as much as you usually are as a result.

2. Create a study plan

Having a study plan will help you focus when you’ve been set a new task. Figure out when you can put a few hours aside to ensure you’re getting enough done; for an apprenticeship a minimum of 7 hours a week is recommended.

Keep your weekends free if you have children or other immediate family commitments, so that you’re not missing out on essential days with them. Or, if you have no family obligations, you can keep your weekends for studying instead.

3. Break it down

Aim to achieve a minimum number of words each time you sit down to your computer, for example 500-1000. This will make completing your coursework less daunting, as the task is broken down into more manageable chunks. It will also make you feel you’re achieving something by hitting small goals each time. You’ll get all the work done before you know it!

4. Form a study area

Having somewhere, away from work, where you can quietly study is ideal to help you get into the right frame of mind. You could set up a desk in your house or room; however, there might also be places outside your house (like libraries and internet cafés) which are equally as useful.

5. Pace yourself

Make sure you’re not overdoing it. Remember, although you can finish the apprenticeship coursework before the 12 months, you have to participate in the course for the whole time, therefore try not to race to get your coursework finished.

Pace yourself and plan your time: if you’ve had a tough/hectic day at work give yourself the evening off and make this time up at another point.  If you sit down to work on the assignment in the wrong frame of mind, you might not achieve as much as you hoped and you’ll be left feeling deflated.

Finally, if you’re having any problems with managing your coursework or you feel like you’re struggling at all, speak with your assessor who will be able to provide further support and suggest ways to help you.

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