Children attending Great Holm Pre-school in Milton Keynes are able to once again play outside after a group of generous builders stepped in and fixed their patio area for free.

After reading the plight of the nursery online, Golden Gardens and Building Ltd volunteered their services, free of charge, to fix a pavement that was causing the nursery children to fall over.

Before Golden Gardens and Building Ltd volunteered their services, it was estimated that it would cost upwards of £8,000 to relay the paving slabs, something that the nursery couldn’t afford.

After hearing that the nursery was in a bit of a fix, Zane Keeble and his team went to the nursery and spent 3 days on site, replacing slabs and levelling the outside area; making it safe for the children to play.

Committee member and treasurer of the school, Paula Milford, said: "We are so grateful to the guys for all the time and effort that they have put it for us, and we will be forever grateful for their generosity, kindness and the enthusiasm that they brought with them."

Speaking on behalf of his team, Zane Keeble said: "We were more than happy to help and a little surprised that no one else had come forward to lend a hand. We all have kids of our own and would hate to think that may trip over and hurt themselves just because of uneven paving.

"We donated our time and up to four people for three days on this project. It was a pleasure to so for such a nice group of people and the children really appreciated the job we did."

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