Parents of children attending Warwickshire College’s nursery are campaigning after an announcement saying that the nursery will close at the end of the summer term.

In a letter sent to parents using the nursery, the college said: “This has not been an easy decision but with the increasing competition from more than 20 other nurseries in the local area and the considerable investment required to upgrade the nursery building and facilities the college has taken the decision not to continue offering the provision in the future.”

The college has said that it will also be holding an event in April to help those whose children attend the nursery find alternative childcare.

Despite this, parents have launched a petition to try to make the college reconsider their decision.

One parent, Hayley Willoughby, wrote to the college saying, “My initial reaction to the letter was upset and disbelief on the basis that both of my children attend this nursery regularly, mourning the loss of fantastic child care services and solid relationships held between children and the staff that work there.

“We, the parents, feel that this is the wrong decision to make, not only for the staff and children who attend, but for the college, its students and the services the nursery provides which will be lost if you close.”

Director of student services at the college, Nicola Perrett, said, “We are very aware of the impact this will have on both the staff and the children who would have continued at the nursery in September.

“It is regrettably a reflection of the changes to public sector funding and the reality that we must focus on our core business and we cannot justify the very considerable cost that would be needed to bring the nursery facilities up to the required standards.

“This decision in no way reflects the quality of provision provided, which was judged by Ofsted to be ‘Good’ when last inspected.

“We will be providing information about alternative childcare provision to parents who use the nursery and will continue to provide advice and financial support to the limited number of students who use the nursery, which they can use to secure alternative childcare provision.”

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