Parents angry after nursery is rated ‘inadequate’


Parents of children attending a Kent nursery are angry after a recent inspection from Ofsted rated it ‘inadequate’.

The inspector who visited the setting said that there were safety concerns after it was discovered that nursery staff were using mobile phones to send photos of the children to their parents.

The nursery’s owners have refuted this, saying that both the nursery and the parents of the children had agreed on this so that the parents were able to know that their children were safe.

A spokesperson for Ofsted has said, “We judged this pre-school to be inadequate last year because children were not safeguarded effectively.

“The pre-school made a complaint about our judgement which we considered very carefully and at length. We are satisfied that our original judgement was correct. This pre-school must ensure that children are fully safeguarded.

“It is vital that young children are safe in preschools. Early years settings determine their own policies about mobile phone use, but inspectors will want to be assured that they are being used properly.

“As the Early Years Foundation Stage states, early years providers must ensure they take all reasonable steps to ensure children in their care are not exposed to risks and must be able to demonstrate how they are managing risks. An early years provider’s safeguarding policy and procedures must cover use of mobile phones and cameras.”


One thought on “Parents angry after nursery is rated ‘inadequate’

  • February 2, 2016 at 10:19 am

    The article about Ofsted rating a nursery inadequate because they take photos on mobile phones and send them to parents is yet another example of Ofsted’s high handed attitude. Whilst I think that there is scope for abuse of this system, what about the hundreds of preschools and reception classes that post photographs of their children on school websites!!!!! If Ofsted judge this nursery to be inadequate, surely it should also rate any preschool or school with photos of children on their websites in the same way. An inadequate rating can do irreparable damage to the reputation and sustainability of any setting. The system is too subjective, confusing and unfair.


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