You might not have heard of ‘the rule of seven’. This marketing concept says that a prospective customer needs to see or hear about your company at least 7 times before they’ll buy from you. The important thing to remember in the rule of seven is not the number, but the message it conveys.

The message is this: you customer needs to see or hear from you in as many different ways and as many times as possible to encourage them to buy from you. This repetition helps build trust and is only possible when customers become more familiar with your brand.

Having a brochure, therefore, is a powerful weapon in your arsenal when it comes to the rule of 7. It can be used alongside other tools such as your childcare website, business cards and social media pages to help you reach new parents. But the benefits don’t stop there!

1. Show parents your professionalism

When meeting new parents face-to-face, it’s great to be able to hand over a beautifully designed brochure rather than having to direct them to your website. It helps your setting look professional and organised by having something physical to hand over. It also opens up opportunities for discussion on the spot, which doesn’t happen when you send parents away to look at a website.

2. Make yourself really memorable

Handing over a brochure also helps make your setting more memorable to parents after your meeting. Seeing it lying around the house will give parents a visual prompt to get in contact with you and ask any further questions. Some parents will actually prefer to take information about your setting away to read and digest at their own pace.

3. Communicate on a more detailed level

Brochures offer much more room to talk about your childcare setting in depth, compared to a newspaper or magazine ad. With a brochure, you have the freedom to communicate a more detailed and meaningful message to parents about your setting’s background and what you’re aiming to achieve as an organisation.

4. Give them something to pass on

If new parents like your service enough to recommend you to their friends and family, then being able to pass on a hard copy of your brochure for someone else to read is a great way to make word spread and gain new customers!

As you can see, there are many fantastic benefits for your childcare business of having its own brochure. If you’ve been thinking about getting one for while, but not got around to it yet, why not see what difference it can make to your setting today?

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