Holyrood Day Nursery has a reason to celebrate after being awarded a ‘good’ rating by Ofsted officials.

The nursery, which currently caters to 73 children under the age of 4, is excited about their result which is one grade above what they last received.

Nursery manager Julianne England said: "We have an excellent team here at Holyrood Bury.

"Staff share the company's vision of exceptional childcare being available for all.

"We have been on a journey which continues on, working to improve the outcomes for children in the Bury area.

"The company has worked closely with the new management team to achieve this outcome but are now striving towards 'outstanding'.

"We remain focused on the children and their families here at Holyrood and we aim to cater for their individual needs, with our well qualified and experienced staff team having high expectations as to what the children in our care can achieve."

In the report, Ofsted inspectors said, “The nursery does to ensure that children were challenged to take part in activities that reflect their interests and stages of development.

“Staff are supported well, the report says, and the nursery forms good partnerships with other professionals to ensure children are cared for consistently.

"Staff help children learn about safety as they play. They encourage them to recognise and remove risks and hazards, such as water on the nursery floor.

"Daily opportunities are provided for the children to be physically active and enjoy a wide variety of activities in the outdoor area of the nursery."

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