A South London nursery has admitted to breaking health and safety rules after a 22 month old child choked to death on a small cube of jelly.

Tiya Chauhan was found unconscious and not breathing by staff at the Dicky Birds Nursery in August 2012.She was quickly rushed to hospital but died the next day.

The court heard how the jelly had been used as part of a sensory activity, where the jelly and pieces of spaghetti were mixed together with toy animals to create a prehistoric swamp scene.

Tiya’s parents, Chetan and Dipa, had a look of relief on their faces when the nursery admitted two breaches of health and safety regulations at Kingston Crown Court.

An inquest that had taken place previously in 2014 had come to the conclusion that the death was “an accident contributed to by neglect”.

Dicky Birds Nursery will be sentenced next month.

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