The first few times using any new software can be tricky, especially when you need something from it! That’s why we’ve put together an easy guide to help you with the main steps you’ll need when using Ecordia.

Finding set work

Go to www.ecordia.co.uk  and sign in using your username and password – you should have already been given this, if not speak to your assessor.

Ecordia will then open up another window with your portfolio page (see below). This screen will provide you with details on when you started the course, what the course is called, where you work and a progress bar.

Below this, there will be a list of ‘tasks’ (circled in red below): these are set or completed pieces of work. The set pieces of work will be displayed as ‘plans’. Click on these and then scroll to the bottom and click ‘accept’. From here you can then double click on the documents and save these to your computer.


Uploading finished work to be assessed

Log back into Ecordia and this will open the same orange home screen. Click onto the plans page (highlighted above in yellow), which will bring you this yellow screen:


Click onto the plan you’ve been working on, you can then scroll down to the bottom and click the button that says ‘add evidence type.’ This will then open a green screen that looks like this:


Once open, fill in the information ‘evidence description title’ with the unit name, and then ‘evidence type’ with the option ‘assignment’. Then click ‘save.’

You’ll then be directed to another page which will have a range of buttons available for you to choose from, if you’re uploading a word document you’ll need to click ‘prepare attachments,’ then ‘browse’ and then locate your finished piece of work to upload. Then click ‘done.’

Next, you’ll need to click ‘submit now for assessment’ – located at the bottom of the page. Ecordia will then open a ‘bibliography’ option where you can enter any sources you might have used. Then press ‘submit’ again.

Receiving feedback

Once your assessor has seen your work, they will then provide you with some feedback. This will appear on your portfolio screen where your plans are usually set under the tasks option.


If you have amendments, these will appear as another plan for you to ‘accept’ – go into these and follow the same process again.

If you have no amendments, then the assignment will be marked competent and you’ll be asked to accept the feedback given to you. You can do this by clicking on the unit from the portfolio page, scrolling to the bottom and clicking ‘accept.’

If you have any questions regarding your feedback you should contact your assessor and set up a meeting so that you can discuss this with them.

Once you’ve accepted the feedback your progress bar on your home page will go up.

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