Managing a busy setting can be difficult at the best of times, especially when staff go sick. With this in mind, we thought it would be helpful to offer some top tips to ensure that it’s as easy as possible to manage your team!

1. Reduce non-contact time with EYFS software

Having EYFS tracker software like Footsteps means that you can do away with paper-based learning journals. There’d be no more need for staff to print and collate their observations, as Footsteps would instantly capture their observations and link them to an online version of the EYFS curriculum. This helps reduce the amount of time your staff take out of the room.

2. Use an online diary to remember key dates

Using nursery management software such as Abacus means you can schedule staff shifts and rotas, manage staff holidays and diarise training – all in one place. There’s a calendar function within Abacus which will remind you of key events for the day and coming week, so you’ll never lose track of what’s going on.

3. Ensure you have a strict absence policy

As a business, you can’t afford for people to text you with a few minutes’ warning to let you know they’re going to be off sick for the day, especially as you’re not likely to have your mobile to hand. Make sure you have a written policy outlining that staff must always ring through to the setting to notify their absence; giving as much notice as possible.

4. Manage room ratios with technology

When a member of staff is away, having to adjust room ratios can be a real source of frustration. Nursery management software like Abacus naturally works around staff holidays, and also allows you to schedule room visits based on criteria you set. This means you can always be confident that you’ll never be under-ratio!

5. Auto-generate staff rotas

Instead of spending hours at the weekend putting together a staff rota by hand, why not use nursery management software to work it all out for you in minutes? Having Abacus means that you’ll be able to put together your rota at a few clicks of a button!

6. Incentivise staff with certificates

Rather than spending money on shopping vouchers or expensive treats, why not consider running an “Employee of the month” incentive, where staff can receive a certificate for showing exceptional effort? Not only will this be relatively inexpensive, but it’s also great for staff to put in their CPD folder to show how they’ve progressed in their career.

Find out how much easier staff management is with Abacus software!

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