Although after-school nannies are considerably more expensive than live-in nannies and work on average 34 hours a week (compared to the 48 hours for live-in nannies) the demand for them is rising.

This is a result of the new legislation for pension auto-enrolment among all employers.  By 2017, all nanny employers will need to provide a pension scheme, this means that anyone with a live-in nanny will be responsible for ensuring they provide them with a pension.

In 2014, only 16% of all Nannytax (payroll agency) clients knew when the pension programme would be put in place, compared to 60% this year.

Nicola Terry of Nannytax said, ‘It is encouraging to see from this year's results that more nannies, employers and agencies are aware and getting prepared for the introduction of workplace pensions. Whilst it can seem like a daunting prospect to sort out the nanny pension with enough time and information we have found that both employers and nannies are feeling the benefit of the new scheme.'

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