Your probation period can be a stressful time as you need to learn a new role alongside impressing your employer. One in five new employees tends to fail their probation period as a result of doubting their own abilities; follow this guide to ensure you give yourself the best chance of passing first time around!

Be on time

Ensure you’re not late for work. Constantly being late is a sure way to getting laid off at the end of your probation period; it suggests to your employer that you’re not taking your new job seriously enough and that you’re unorganised.

If you’re struggling to wake up and get everything done in the mornings, prep before you go to bed and set your alarm half an hour earlier. That way, you can be safe knowing you’ll be at work with plenty of time to spare.  You also don’t want to be seen as running for the door at the end of the day! Take your lead from those around you and try to leave as they do.

Be in, every day

Most new jobs will honour any existing holiday you’ve booked, so be sure to give them enough notice before joining the team. Other than this, try not to book any more holiday unless absolutely necessary.

In terms of sickness, if it’s just a case of the sniffles try to make it into work; if it’s a serious illness then call your manager to apologise and explain the situation, you could also offer to provide a doctor’s note.

Be polite

Employers will want to make sure you fit in with their existing team; therefore, it is essential to build a strong, working relationship with all co-workers. Be polite and friendly to everyone in your office to ensure no one reports back any ill-treatment to your manager, as this could also affect your probation. You should aim to bring positivity to your team; employers will notice if you’re being overly negative and will be concerned that this might affect morale within the team.

Be eager to learn

As a ‘newbie,’ you still have lots to learn. You’ll be expected to ask questions, so make sure you do! Not asking questions can make you look disinterested, so ensure you show an eagerness to learn and find out as much about your role, the business and the industry as possible!

Be ‘dress smart’

During your probation period, employers will be watching to see how serious you are about your new role. If there is a dress code, follow it, otherwise dressing smartly is always a good option! This doesn’t mean being suited and booted every time you go into work, all you need to do is wear clean, ironed clothes that are appropriate for your industry.

 Be responsible

When joining a new company, you agree to follow their policies and take on a level of responsibility. It is important that you follow rules and instructions without abusing any privileges you might have. This includes: not using social media on your computer, not getting excessively drunk at social events and not behaving inappropriately.

Be a team player

Probably one of the best things you can offer any role is the ability to work as part of a team, employers want to see that you can fit in and work well with their current employees. They will also want to see you making contributions to your team and helping out where possible.

Follow these tips and you’ll be well on your way to impressing your employer; making passing your probation a piece of cake!

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