According to the 2015 NDNA national survey of nurseries in England, the average occupancy rate was 73%. The same survey stated that, when asked, only 59% of nurseries expected to make a profit.

If you fall into the category of the 41% of providers only expecting to break even or make a loss this year, then having a childcare website is a great way to boost the number of enquiries you receive and fill any spare places.

According to, the cost of a small business website is roughly:

Domain name and hosting – £0.99-£100
Design work – £600-£1,200
Programming – £900-£2,000
Ongoing costs – £0-£30 per month

Overall cost – £1,000-£3,500

This might seem like a lot. But, if your website generates just one enquiry over its lifetime which leads to a parent registering their child, you’ve more than covered these costs. Why?

According to the Money Advice Service, the average cost of a full time nursery place in the UK for an under 2 year old is £212.45 per week. If that setting is open for 52 weeks of the year, the total revenue for that one child is £11,047.

So, each lead generated by your website is likely to be worth £11,047 to your business in year 1 alone!

Your website can also provide something which no marketing campaign or newspaper advert can deliver. It gives your setting 24/7 advertising. This means that parents can find out more about you at any time of day or night, and even when you’re closed over the holidays.

Having a website, therefore, is crucial to the long term success of your setting. If you don’t invest in one, you’re overlooking the potential to win the business of parents browsing the internet for a local childcare provider. You’re missing out on the opportunity to gain £11,047 in revenue per space that could have been filled.

As you can see, having a childcare website more than pays for itself after that first golden enquiry has come in and that parent has registered their child. So why not take a leap and get around to building your childcare website today?

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