We know how getting your head around new concepts can sometimes be hard, but there’s a way to make it much easier! Understanding how you learn is an easy way to help you decide how best to revise subjects and learn new things, based on your personality. If you get bored of reading and writing; copying down notes will not help you take in the information, but explaining it to someone else vocally might.

Here are the 4 main learning types, and some information on how you can use them to help you:

Visual learner

If you’re a visual learner, you will:

  • Prefer the use of images and maps
  • Use organisers to process information
  • Like to see things laid out in front of you

Study tips:

  • Use organisers with colour coding to separate topics
  • Use highlighters to isolate important facts or ideas
  • Copy things down from memory
  • Replace ideas and words with symbols

Auditory learner

If you’re an auditory learner, you will:

  • Understand content through listening and speaking
  • Benefit from lectures and group discussions
  • Like to repeat ideas in order to memorise them

Study tips:

  • Record yourself summarising notes and listen back to these
  • Talk through what you’ve learned with a friend or family member
  • Read your notes out loud

Reading and writing learner

If you’re a reading and writing learner, you will:

  • Learn best through words
  • Read constantly and take notes on what you’ve learnt
  • Be able to turn abstract ideas into words and essays

Study tips:

  • Rewrite your notes
  • Reword main ideas so that you understand them better
  • Organise complicated diagrams and charts into words

Kinaesthetic learner

If you’re a kinaesthetic learner, you will:

  • Understand information through tactile representations – this includes learning through touch and activity – actually performing the tasks yourself!
  • Be hands on to new things
  • Like to figure out how things work before you can use them

Study tips:

  • Use real life examples – act it out or relate it to something that has happened to you
  • Act it out
  • Redo lab experiments or projects
  • Utilise pictures of things that explore your ideas

Knowing your learning style will enable you to best apply yourself to studying and learning, it will help you understand how you learn things and what you can do to ensure you’re making the most of your abilities.

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