Parenta published a guest article recently about the importance of male role models in childcare. Following on from that, we thought we’d shine the spotlight on one of our new recruits, Wayne, who is a male childcare assessor and father of 3. Here, he tells us more about his experience working in childcare and what his current role involves.

How did you start working with children?

I started off as a voluntary youth worker for YMCA in Whitecross Street, Islington. I didn't have any formal childcare qualifications, so felt this was a great way to get into another career.

When a part-time holiday worker role came up at an adventure playground, the experience I’d had at the YMCA helped me to get the job. I eventually became a Senior Play Leader at the same adventure playground where I was able to gain Levels 2 & 3 in Playwork.

How did you become an assessor?
My first assessing opportunity came when my Level 3 Playwork tutor invited me to his company as a trainee assessor. I’ve never looked back and now have 7 years experience in this field of work!

More recently, being made redundant at my previous employment led me to look for a company and role that would suit my desire to work from home and be flexible with my diary. That’s when I found Parenta. Parenta attracted me because of its focus and passion for all things childcare. I was particularly impressed with the charity work they did in Africa, building schools for young children.

What is your day-to-day workload like?
As an assessor, my daily work consists of organising my workload and managing my case load. The responsibility for setting up my day is mine and it encourages me to be professional and trustworthy. Communication is a key part of the role and a lot of my time is spent responding to emails and making calls.

However, the most important part of the role I would say is progressing learners through their qualification. This means regular visits, setting and marking tasks, teaching and learning, administration and monitoring of their portfolios.

What do you enjoy most about the role?
I enjoy the role because it allows me to be out and about, rather than being stagnant in one place. I get to meet so many new people and be the person who takes them on a learning journey. Above all, I enjoy the freedom and sense of control I feel when managing my own work and timetable - it's like being self employed but with the security and benefits of being employed.

Would you recommend this career to other men?
If any men are considering working in childcare, this role is definitely worth looking at. Especially those with childcare experience looking to progress their careers - this is a step up that ladder which so many men are keen to climb. I’ve found it a very rewarding career path so far.

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