Norlin Playgroup, in Wick, is searching for new premises after its home of 30 years is set to be demolished.

The setting, which cares for 38 children, is now frantically searching for new premises after receiving 6 days’ notice on Friday to remove all of its belongings from the site at North Primary School.

The primary school itself is being levelled after pupils join their counterparts from Hillhead moving to the newly built Noss School after the Easter holidays.

In an attempt to continue running, the setting is now looking to purchase the Playbox nursery building. Parents have however expressed concerns over the lack of replacement childcare available to them if the setting does in fact close.

Chairman of Norlin Playgroup, Willie Budge, has expressed their desire to continue operating, but will have no option if they are unable to find alternate premises.

Mr Budge has said;

“We had hoped to get into Noss School but that did not happen.”

“The North school head teacher then pointed us in the direction of Playbox but we only got confirmation from them last week they were going to sell.”

“We thought we could have got a short term lease from them until the summer to buy us time to look into buying it or other premises but they turned that down.”

He is continuing to work with education officials to find a solution stating;

“Norlin needs to secure a short term lease in Noss Primary or Playbox to continue with our service after the Easter holidays.”

“If not, where will 38 children and their parents go?”

Parents are rallying around the nursery, doing anything they can to help ensure its future, and that of its staff. Mr Budge continued to say;

“We are able to provide high quality early learning and childcare and want to continue to remain open to meet the needs of families.”

They were turned down for a site at the new Noss School, with the council deciding to run their own nursery there, which is due to open in October.

Norlin playgroup is the only setting to provide care for under threes on the north side of the town, receiving an excellent assessment in November of last year from the Care Inspectorate.

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