Having a business card is a really effective way to promote your setting and make yourself more memorable to the people you meet. Here are 6 really good reasons to invest in having a business card today!

1. For when you unexpectedly meet people

Business cards are really useful for those unexpected meetings with potential parents whilst you’re out and about. Rather than scrabbling around for pen and paper, you can keep a stack of business cards in your bag and give them out whenever needed.

2. As a useful networking tool

Having your own business card to hand over to people you meet whilst on a training programme or at an industry event is a really convenient way for you to pass on your details. It also helps to make a good first impression on others, by showing that you’re organised and professional.

3. They’re budget-friendly

Once you’ve had your business card design finalised, it’s relatively cheap to replicate this for several staff members and then get them all printed in bulk. Because of this, business cards can prove to be a much cheaper investment than many other marketing tools you may have considered.

4. To add a personal touch to show rounds

As a follow up to a show round, it looks very professional to be able to hand over a business card to parents in case they’d like to contact you afterwards with any questions. It also adds a very personal touch to a first meeting, so hopefully it will help you win people over!

5. To generate new enquiries from parents

No matter where you go in the community – at doctors, dentists, libraries and gyms – there’s a stack of business cards advertising local services. Ask to leave your business card in places like these for parents who might be looking for a childcare provider. This is a great way to generate new enquiries for your setting.

6. To make your letters look even more professional

It’s so simple but so effective to attach your business card to the top of a document or letter you’re sending out. It also adds a personal touch to your correspondence and is a memorable way for you to share your contact details with the recipient.

Business cards have so many different uses, but above all they help to make a positive impression during a first meeting and add a wonderfully personal touch to anything you send out. Don’t overlook the opportunities that a simple business card can give you and your childcare setting!

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