In England, over 250,000 workplaces offer apprenticeships and an increasing number of employers are starting to realise the benefits of recruiting apprentices into their workforce.

Hiring apprentices is a really effective way to grow your own talent, with the ability to mould and influence your apprentice into the style of practitioner you’d like. But apprentices bring so many more benefits to your childcare business than you might anticipate!

In a survey by the DfE of 4,030 employers of apprentices throughout 2013-14, almost 9 out of 10 employers realised the benefits they hoped apprentices would bring to their business. This included:

1) Improving staff morale (91% of those hoping to achieve this said it was realised)

2) Improving or maintaining future skills levels (89%)

3) Improving productivity (89%)

4) Improving product or service quality (86%)

A recent survey by the Welsh Government also found that apprenticeship completers were able to boost productivity to businesses by, on average, £214 per week.

A childcare apprentice will normally take between 12 - 18 months to finish their apprenticeship course, with the support of their training provider. However, if your apprentice is 16-18 years old when they start their apprenticeship, their training costs will usually be covered in full by the government.

With so many benefits for your setting, why not hire a childcare apprentice today?

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