Choosing a childcare training provider is a really important decision. After all, it can mean the difference between giving your staff member the best chance to pass their childcare qualification or not! So, what exactly should you be looking for when you make your choice? We’ve put together a list of 6 things to consider before you decide.

1.Are there plenty of testimonials from happy learners?

The number one way you can see how good a training provider is by reading testimonials from their customers. Make sure the company has more than a handful of recommendations and the ones they have published are recent.

2.What are their course completion rates like?

This is not always easy to find from the company’s website, so you may need to speak to someone to find out. A report from the Skills Funding Agency shows that completion rates for intermediate childcare apprenticeships in 13/14 range from 16.7% to 77.1% across different institutions.

3.What kind of support do they offer?

Ask what kind of support they can offer learners. For example, when signing up for an apprenticeship course with Parenta, learners are allocated an assessor to help them throughout the duration of the training. Learners can also contact their assessor by email or phone if they have any questions about their course.

4.Do they offer fully funded training?

Depending on the eligibility of the learner, your training provider may be able to fully fund the apprenticeship course at no cost to you.  Find out what funding options are available and whether your training provider can access any additional grants on behalf of your employee.

5.Is there a range of qualifications for the learner to progress on to?

If a learner starts a Level 2 childcare course, it can be helpful to know that they won’t have to change training provider if they want to progress onto Level 3 (EYE) or onto a management course. Browse the training options available and make sure the provider offers a comprehensive range of courses.

6.What other benefits do they offer?

Ask your training provider whether they offer any additional benefits when you train a staff member with them. For example, if you train a 16-18 year old apprentice with Parenta, you can get a £500 voucher to put towards additional Parenta products or training for your setting.

Don’t rush your decision to choose a training provider for your staff. Doing your research will be worthwhile, and could mean the difference between having a content employee who feels supported by their training provider and a potentially unhappy, stressed out one!

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