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The Education and Outreach team from Veolia ran a fun and informative session on recycling to the Pre-Schoolers at Boys & Girls Nursery in honour of Earth Day.

The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves during the interactive ‘Waste Warriors Education Programme’, which was specifically adapted for our Pre-Schoolers as a special session. The nurseries have a policy to keep waste to a minimum. The children love their junk modelling, but now they have a real understanding of the importance of recycling.  Earth Day provides the perfect opportunity to reiterate the important message of looking after the planet.

Boys & Girls Nursery also ran a competition between the four nurseries to see who produced the best junk modelling creation, this was judged by Veolia. We are thrilled to say that the Rickmansworth nursery was the winner.

Natasha Kirby, Director, Boys & Girls Nursery said “Teaching the next generation about the importance of keeping the environment clean is critical and we were thrilled that Veolia in conjunction with Watford Borough Council provided such a wonderful programme for our eager to learn Pre-Schoolers.  Many thanks to the team who spent time with our children and who also judged our competition.”

Matthew Crane, Senior Contract Manager for Veolia in Watford said “I would like to offer my congratulations to Rickmansworth for such a fantastic junk model. It is so important to educate Watford’s future residents about the importance of taking care of the local environment, of which recycling is so integral and I am thrilled that the Boys & Girls Nursery are committed to encouraging the future generation to become environmentally responsible citizens.”

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