There’s no doubt that having a talented team of childcare practitioners and room leaders will play a huge part in making your business great – after all, it’s your employees who build close relationships with children and parents. So, what can you do to make sure you attract top candidates to fill your vacancies?

1.Pin down your company culture

Try to identify and describe your setting’s internal culture so that you can sell this in the job advert. For example: are you a friendly, caring and ambitious company? If you can think of any attractive or unusual benefits of working for your setting, make sure you mention these as well.

2.Clearly define the role

It sounds simple, but make sure the job description matches the role you’re trying to recruit for. Be very specific about the responsibilities the candidate will be expected to take on, and whether there are any opportunities for training and progression. If your vacancy is missing key information, you’ll miss out on attracting the top candidates.

3.Know where to advertise

No matter how good your job ad is, if it’s in the wrong place it won’t attract the kind of applicants you’re hoping for. Find out where your ideal candidate is most likely to look for jobs – for example, if you’re recruiting for a school leaver/nursery apprentice, it’s much better to put your job advert online rather than in a newspaper, as this age group will most likely turn to the internet when searching for jobs.

4.Refine the interview process

Candidates will know when they’re being given a bad interview – this often happens when the interviewer has not properly prepared for it. Assuming you’ve done the hard work with a great job advert and attracted a quality candidate, make sure your business doesn’t let itself down at interview stage. As well as the candidate selling themselves to you, this is also your opportunity to sell your setting to them as a great place to work.

5.Scope out progression routes

For the highest performing candidates, the chance to develop their career in the future is a key motivator. They’ll want to work for a company which will enable them to expand their skills and invest in their professional development. Having a culture where progression is encouraged and supported will help you sell yourself as an attractive employer to work for.

Using these 5 tips will help you become the kind of employer that top performing candidates will want to work for!

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