Using nursery management software is a great way to help overcome the everyday niggles and challenges of running a busy childcare setting. But why should you consider using nursery management software when you’ve always done things the same way? Surely it’s an unnecessary expense?

Well, using nursery management software can provide a whole host of benefits for you setting, not least that it can help you become more efficient; more organised and make it easier to keep accurate records for the children you care for.

Time-saving benefits

In March, we put together a survey to find out how providers thought using nursery management software had benefitted their setting. Our research revealed that 79% of respondents agreed that it had cut down on their invoicing time and 71% agreed it made it easier to manage and update their personal records.

The results also showed that nearly 3 out of 5 respondents to our survey were using nursery management software to help run their provision. Of this, the most popular choice – stated by half of those we asked – was Abacus software.

Tracking your performance

You might not know that one of the benefits of using this kind of software is the reporting function – this allows you to measure the success of your business in areas such as enquiry tracking, finance, occupancy and attendance. For example, you can:

  • Produce a report showing what spaces you have available, by room or week
  • Produce a weekly attendance report showing the number of children attending your setting
  • Produce a future fees report showing the money you’ll receive, based on your current occupancy
  • Produce an aged balance report, showing any outstanding monies owed to you
  • Produce a detailed staffing rota to show the number of staff rota’d against the number of children attending; this will help you identify whether you’re over or understaffed

If - like many childcare providers - you’d like to cut down on the time it takes to carry out routine admin tasks and spend those hours focusing on childcare instead, then nursery management software holds the key.

Although you may be apprehensive about how your staff will take to the software at first, you’ll soon realise that this will be an invaluable addition to your nursery – saving hours of your precious time each week!

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