Banana Moon Hatton Day Nursery, near Warwick, has an experienced team who bring with them a wealth of knowledge and expertise from many years of childcare. However experienced their own team may be, they also know the benefits of working with external companies for both staff and children.  Working closely with a number of specially selected companies, Banana Moon Hatton can offer their children a wide variety of activities which they may not have been able to offer on their own, but it also offers the team the opportunity to learn and develop additional skills while working with experts in other fields.

Banana Moon Hatton offers weekly classes from Twirling Toddlers, an award winning dance and movement class which tailors the different sessions to each age group through singing, dancing and music. The Under 2’s enjoy their Dandy Development classes, an award-winning baby and toddler class that combines baby sign, music and sensory fun. The Over 2’s take part in weekly sessions from Playbox Theatre which takes them on exciting adventures involving story-telling and role-play.

Banana Moon Hatton also has regular visits from their local Tesco Community Officer who works with staff to offer a range of food-related activities in line with each room’s theme at the time.

Liz Scoular, Nursery Director, commented, “We feel as a nursery it is important to work with external organisations to offer our children a wide variety of experiences and opportunities. Inviting selected companies into the nursery gives the children a chance to learn from someone external and to experience different ways to learn and grow and also helps to build the children’s confidence and aid their development as well as offer our team additional skills.”

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