Being a manager comes with lots of responsibilities for both you and the team you run. As well as this, a successful manager needs to be able to evolve to keep up with what’s current in their industry; and for this it helps to have passion for the work you do. Once you have this passion, there are many other skills and qualities you need to be a good manager.

Qualities of a successful manager

The best managers are ones who are constantly supporting their staff by encouraging talents or ideas that bring out the best in them; a good manager will also want to build up the confidence of those around them. Other qualities include:

  • Being able to plan and organise you time. You need to have time to not only do your workload and manage your responsibilities, but you need to make time for those on your team; to find out how they’re managing their work, what they might need help on and if they’re generally happy. However, you also need to be able to lead and delegate work to your team. Some of your staff won’t be self-managing and you might need to support them in different ways to enable them to improve.
  • Value for the company goals. In order to succeed as a manager you need to always be working and creating ideas based on the improvement and welfare of the business. You need to be able to look at the bigger picture when structuring tasks and delegating work.
  • Being able to create the right balance between task management and people management. Your team will be made up of people who cope with workloads differently and who approach tasks in a different way; understanding this will allow you to provide support where necessary to attain the full potential of those in your team.
  • Good listening skills. Your team needs to feel confident in being able to approach you with ideas and queries; they need to feel valued and secure in their role. Having a good personal relationship with your team will allow them to open up to you and trust you with any problems they have, which can help create a happy working relationship.
  • Good temperament. As a manager, you might be required to step in if there’s a conflict within your team. How you handle pressure is crucial to ensure that your staff have respect for you and feel as though you’re still in control of the situation. Being too hot-headed or wanting to please people too much can cause a problem; conflicts will occur in your team and it’s your responsibility to ensure the outcome is both fair and reasonable.

How to gain these skills

If you’re reading through this list thinking you don’t hold any qualities of a successful manager, and you still want to move into a management role, then take some time to reflect on what you’re good at. It might be that you’re not working in the right business, team or role and that’s what is holding you back from reaching your full potential. You could look into taking a course to refine your existing skills and invest in yourself by learning new ones. You might even find that a change in career could be the boost you need to find a management role you’d be well suited for!

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