A parent plays a pivotal role in the life of their child; being the child’s first and most influential educator. Therefore, having a warm and trusting relationship with parents is vital to ensuring that the child’s needs are understood and met, as well as making it easier to identify and overcome any difficulties.

So, how can you help strengthen parent partnerships at your setting?

1. Encourage visits to your setting

Give parents the opportunity to spend time with their child at your setting. A nursery in County Durham did just that by creating “Cuddle Up With A Book Day”, giving special invitations to mums, nans, aunts and female carers to come to the nursery and read their child’s favourite book. This is a great way for families to feel more involved with their child’s learning.

2. Use online daily diaries

When it comes to partnerships with parents, communication is key. However, parents might not always be able to stop and chat with staff, especially if they’re pressed for time. Software like Dayshare enables practitioners to email parents a summary of their child’s day, which can then be shared with friends and family members worldwide.

3. Ask for parents' honest feedback

Your childcare website is the perfect place for you to host an anonymous survey for parents to give their honest feedback about the way you run your provision. You can ask parents for their opinion on topics such as the quality of teaching, if they think their child is happy, if they feel well-informed and whether improvements could be made in any area.

4. Use social media to provide updates

More and more childcare businesses are harnessing the power of social media to improve their engagement with parents. In a recent survey we conducted of early years providers, over half of respondents were using Facebook (56%) and 1 in 10 were active on Twitter.  Having a social media account is the perfect way to post updates about what the children have been getting up to – including photos from outings into the community and visits from special guests.

5. Offer workshops specially for parents

Why not run a presentation evening for parents on topics such as: separation anxiety, healthy eating or helping children transition to primary school? This could be followed up with an informal Q&A session. If you’d like to cover a more specialist topic, consider inviting an expert guest speaker to come and talk to parents /run a workshop on your behalf.

Knowing how vital parent relationships are to a child’s wellbeing, practitioners should share information with parents as often and in as many different ways as possible; doing what they can to support and encourage extended learning in the home. Having strong relationships with parents will form one of the foundations of a highly-impactful and successful childcare setting.

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