When you’re searching for a job, you may not realise that your chances of impressing a new employer and your social media profile are often connected. That’s because – according to a survey carried out this year by online jobsite CareerBuilder – 60% of employers use social networking sites to find out more about job candidates.

Further data from the survey revealed that 53% of hiring managers wanted to see if a candidate had a professional online persona, 30% wanted to see what other people were posting about the candidate, and 21% admitted they were looking for reasons not to hire them.

So, what social media dos and don’ts should you keep in mind whilst looking for a job?

  • DO use the power of social media to network – so, if you know someone who has a connection or resource which could lead to a job, use social media to send them a message and ask if they’d help you
  • DO ‘like’ and follow companies who work in the industry you’d like to get into. From time to time, companies may use social media to advertise their job vacancies, so it’s worth keeping an eye on any updates
  • DO use social media to let people know you’re looking for a job and ask for their help. Whilst you may find it embarrassing to let others know you’re jobless, having more than one person looking out for opportunities for you will increase the speed at which you find a job
  • DON’T post an update on your social media profile without thinking about who might be looking. If you’re posting status updates full of foul language, or photos of you acting foolishly on wild nights out, think about how this might negatively affect the opinion of a potential employer who has looked you up
  • DON’T think that the image you choose as your profile photo doesn’t matter – it does! If you want to be taken seriously by an employer, pick a photo which looks professional and portrays you in a sensible manner
  • DON’T rely solely on social media to find a job. You’ll need to compliment your job search using other means, such as visiting online job boards and contacting prospective companies to ask if they’d consider taking your CV

Now you know that employers are increasingly turning to social media to find out more about new candidates, make sure you use your social media account in the right way so that it leaves a great first impression and helps you land that dream job!

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