Having a childcare website is a brilliant way to represent your business in a positive light. It can be the first encounter a parent has with your business, so it’s important you come across in a professional manner. You want to make a great first impression so that visitors are more likely to return to your website, as well as thinking you run an organised and efficient setting. So, we’ve put together a list to make sure you’re using the right tools to reflect your professionalism across your website.

Reflect your branding

Your branding is your business’ identity. From your logo to your colour scheme, it’s what people associate with your company. By reflecting your branding clearly across your website, you’re helping visitors to easily recognise your business and are showing the consistency of your brand. This not only reflects your professionalism, but also creates an easy association to your business. For the best way to achieve this, try to match your branding across all your media platforms.

Check your content

Spelling and grammar mistakes are easily missed, especially when you’re regularly updating the content on your website. Error-free and good quality content reflects well on your business (not to mention it also improves SEO - how your website ranks on search engines) so it’s important to check over the content on your website. Why not ask a friend or colleague to check over your work? Simple mistakes can go undetected, so it’s worth getting a second opinion.

Use the correct email address

Having a ‘personalised’ email address on your website can look unprofessional. Personalised email addresses are those that are from third party email providers, such as Gmail or Yahoo. Instead, try using a professional email account attached to your website address (domain), for example ‘info@examplenursery.com’. This will present your company as trustworthy and reliable; you can set up a professional email account with most domain providers.

Display accreditations and awards

You may have just received an Ofsted outstanding grading, or been given an award for all the hard work at your setting, these are reasons to shout about and by displaying them on your website you're boosting your company’s great reputation. Going on a website that displays awards and accreditations is a great selling point; visitors can see that your dedication and commitment has been recognised and they’ll be more likely to turn to you for business.

Link to social media

Connecting your website and social media accounts can prove very beneficial. Not only does it increase traffic to your website, it also enables your visitors to interact with you via different platforms. You can link your social media in many different ways - try adding a direct feed on to your website or adding direct link icons. In return, your brand will be seen as informative and actively engaging with parents in as many ways as possible.

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