A prospectus is a key marketing tool that can captivate the attention of potential parents from the moment they lay eyes on it. It plays an important role in communicating your business’ values and aims, as well as showcasing the best aspects of your nursery. Here are 7 reasons you should get a prospectus today!

  1. A prospectus keeps the focus entirely on your business. The key is to fill it with informative content, including attractive images of your nursery. They allow you to paint a picture for prospective parents before they even pay you a visit.
  1. They’re easy to distribute. Whether it’s in the local community, by post, via email or on your website, parents can access your prospectus at any point to find the information they need.
  1. Prospectuses a portable marketing tool. When handed out, prospectuses often make it to the cars of parents or even to their houses meaning that they have the opportunity to pick it up and read it at any point.
  1. They save you time and worry. If you’re holding an open evening and parents are late, you’re rushed for time or you think you might miss key things, a prospectus can allow you to relax by answering common questions. At the end of every event, you can hand them out to parents who can then read through them at their leisure.
  1. Prospectuses are smart and professional. You want parents to see that you care enough about your business to go the extra mile; assuring them that they can feel safe leaving their children in your care.
  1. You can use them to show off your Ofsted rating and EYFS curriculum to parents. This will showcase that you’re complying with their standards and prospective parents will feel confident that your nursery provides the best possible care for their child.
  1. Your prospectus can reinforce your brand especially if it contains your logo and it mirrors the design of your website. They key to promoting your brand successfully is to ensure there is a connection in design between each marketing tool that you use (i.e. colours and fonts).

Whilst online marketing is one of the most effective ways to attract new parents, print marketing is still one of the most trusted – with 56% of people agreeing that they trust something printed over something they find on the internet. If parents trust what’s written in your prospectus (because it is printed) they’re more likely to visit your website, find your social media page and visit your setting.

Prospectuses are key for nurseries as they provide you with something professional you can have printed and handed out. However, you should consider ensuring that anything you have designed matches any existing literature so that you continue to promote your brand values.

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