Having an online presence is a great way to give parents information about your provision. But did you know that you can harness the power of links and use a link-building strategy to help you increase the number of parents visiting your site (and therefore the number of enquiries)? We explore the benefits of this below.

What are links?

Links, or hyperlinks, can be any text or image that – when clicked on – will take you to another page on your website (internal), to another website (external) or to a downloadable file.

Internal links are images or text that take you from one page to another within the same website. They are mainly used to make navigation easy for the visitor and to help promote SEO (search engine optimisation). This is the process by which your nursery website is made to appear higher in the search engine results pages, making it easier for parents to find you on the internet.

External links are images or text that take you from one website to another. If your nursery website contains a link to another site, this is called an external link and alternatively if another site links to your website this is also known as an external link.

Why are links useful?

Links help visitors to navigate through your website and find the information they’re looking for more quickly. Conversely, not using links can make it harder for search engines to find your site and recommend it to potential parents.

How your website ranks on search engine results pages is determined by search engines (like Google) sending out virtual ‘spiders’ to crawl through your site. If you provide links within your website (both internally and externally) then the ‘spiders’ will be able to access plenty of information by moving through the links. The more information they can find, the better your site ranking will be!

What is link building?

Link building is where you forge partnerships with other websites by asking them to publish a link to your site on their pages. If you do this with multiple organisations, it can be used as a way to help market your business to parents searching online.

Why is link building important?

It is believed by search engines that when one website links to another, they’re doing so because they’re providing visitors with a helpful resource – so it’s seen as a recommendation. Therefore, external links which point to your website help convince search engines that your site is credible, which in turn can positively influence your ranking on Google.

How can link building benefit my business?

Link building helps you move up the rankings on Google, but it can also have a direct impact on the amount of referral traffic (visitors) you receive. For example, if there’s a link to your website from a highly visited and well-known site such as daynurseries.co.uk, this can lead to an increase in your website’s traffic – leading to brand new enquiries and hopefully more sales!

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