Finding the perfect job can be tiresome and knowing where to start is the main hurdle. Use the points listed below as a check list; if you can check each one off, you’ll be a step closer to being successful in your search for a new job!

How to boost your employability

Clean up your CV

Making sure you have a glowing CV could be what lands you an interview. So, you want to make sure it’s not packed with irrelevant information and is more focused on describing your skills, what you can do for a business, your passion, and your experience. Keep your CV punchy and to the point; make sure that everything you’re covering is related to the jobs you’re applying for by including buzzwords for your industry. These are relevant words that would directly relate to the job your applying for, for example, in a CV for a childcare position use phrases such as nursery practitioner, level 3 childcare training, childcare, experience, key person, etc.

Create a LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is fast becoming the most popular job-seeking tool on the internet. If used properly, you can use it to create an army of connections that could land you your next big job! In order to use LinkedIn successfully, you need to use it to connect with new people by participating in any interest groups and network circles that surround the career you’re most interested in. LinkedIn highlights where your existing connections are and gives you the opportunity to reach out to them in your job search. Make sure that you have a clear, professional photo and lots of information about your previous experience so that you attract potential employers and new connections.

Network, network, and network!

Networking may seem like it won’t do you a lot of good. However, being ‘in the know’ about up and coming jobs could help you get an interview before the position even gets advertised; giving you an opportunity to secure the before others apply for it. Networking can also make it easier for you to branch out into a new sector, especially if you’ve been working for the same industry for a few years. Having connections outside of the company you work for can provide you with insight and advice into where you can progress your career to in the future.

Do a trial run

Find someone with interviewing experience to give you a trial interview. They’ll be able to give you feedback on your performance and advice on what you could do or include that would make you more employable. You should also remember that regardless of where your interview is you should always make sure you appear smart and professional.

How to prepare for a job interview


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