Alison’s Childcare and Early Education (ACE) was found to be below par in teaching after its first Ofsted inspection; with staff failing to reassure children who were upset and not engaging with their peers.

In the first report for the setting, the inspector highlighted one redeeming factor: that the children were allowed to play outside and get some fresh air.

The results of the first inspection come as a blow for the new setting, which caters for 45 children aged 1 to 8, with the rating coming in as “inadequate”.

The owner of the nursery was understandably devastated by the results, and has taken immediate action to fix all issues raised.

The inspector stated: “Some staff are overly negative with children. Teaching is poor. Staff fail to interact with children during their play, or support their interests. Staff often sit in silence.

“Insufficient information is gathered from and shared with parents and carers, in order to support children’s learning. Children are not developing the skills they need for their future learning.

“Some children struggle to settle within the nursery, which significantly affects their emotional well-being.”

The nursery owner had previously been a childminder for 11 years, receiving “good” ratings during this period.

She said: “I opened my business in February to provide affordable childcare to local parents after being a successful childminder graded good on several inspections.

“I am absolutely devastated by the Ofsted inspector’s report and comments and have immediately taken decisive action to address them.

“Safeguarding is of paramount importance to me and all staff are now undergoing intense training programmes.

“I have recently recruited more Level 3 qualified and experienced staff and am working closely with the local authority to ensure that my setting is providing an environment that is rich with learning opportunities as Ofsted has stipulated in their report.

“I have also written to all parents setting out the actions my team and I are undertaking over the coming weeks and hope to have their continued support in the future months to come.”


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