Having a website can attract a large number of different visitors, so it’s important to make sure it’s as engaging as possible to a wide audience. However, it’s equally important to know your main target users and whether they’re getting the best from your website. As you may know, parents are one of the most frequent returning visitors to your nursery website, so you need to do all you can in order to ensure a great user experience.

We’ve put together some key ideas to include on your website so that parents feel that they’re important to your business and are pleased with their website experience; happy parents mean more recommendations!

Password protected areas

We understand that security is foremost at your setting. It’s what gives parents peace of mind every day when they drop off their little ones. By having a dedicated password protected area on your website, your parents can log in with a password to specific areas that aren’t available to the public. This means you can share information that you want to keep private for parents only, for example nursery photos or monthly newsletters.

Clear contact information

When parents are looking to speak with a member of your team, it’s important that they’re able to access your contact details without having to hunt all through your website. Having your phone number and email address located in an easily accessible section of your website means parents can quickly get the information they’re after in order to speak to your setting. A clear, convenient way to display this is at the top of your website (known as the header). Using direct link buttons will also encourage more parents to get in touch.

Access to nursery software

You may use nursery management software which enables parents to access their child’s information through a parent portal. Why not link this onto your website, so parents can access this functionality online? Not only does this reflect that your setting is both organised and professional, it also means parents will feel your website is a place where they can be effortlessly directed to significant information about their child.

Regular updates

Parents are frequent visitors to your website, if you’re encouraging them to return. There are various ways you can persuade parents to keep coming back to your website; why not try regularly updating your news page or blog? You can inform parents of future events or upcoming holidays. These kind of new updates are perfect to ensure a higher return rate of visitors to your website.

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