If you’d like to start working with children, but aren’t sure exactly how to make it happen, here are some tips to help you along the way!

Do some research

Before you decide that starting a career in childcare is definitely what you want to do, make sure you do some research into what it’s like to work with children. Find out things like: what qualities you need to work in childcare, typical working hours, daily responsibilities, challenging aspects of the job and what route you can take to progress in a childcare role.

Talk to someone working in childcare

If someone you know already works with children, ask them how they got to be where they are today. They may be able to give you some useful advice about how they managed to land their job, and even let you know about any vacancies going within their place of work.

Offer to be a volunteer

If you’d like to work with children but have no previous experience, why not contact some local nurseries or afterschool clubs and ask whether they’d be happy to let you volunteer there for a few hours a week? This will look great on your CV and will also give you a better idea as to whether working with children is really for you.

Take a look at an online job board

To find out exactly what employers are looking for when taking on a trainee in childcare, check out an online job board. If there are any gaps or weaknesses that you can identify in yourself as a candidate, think of ways you could gain the skills and experience needed to be a good fit for the role.

Put together a basic CV

Use an online template to put together a basic CV. Even if you don’t have any prior experience of work, you still need to have a CV before you apply for your first job. If you’ve never written one before, you can use a template such as the one we offer here. Make sure you use spell-check and get someone you trust to check over what you've written before you send it out.

Start a childcare apprenticeship

Another route to getting into childcare is to start an apprenticeship with a training provider such as Parenta. We specialise in helping school leavers just like you, from finding work in a setting (such as a nursery) right through to providing support for your childcare apprenticeship training.

Finding your first job after school may seem a little scary, but there are many different ways you can get started in your dream career. If you’d like any further advice or you’d like to find out how to start a childcare apprenticeship, our dedicated recruitment team can answer all your questions.

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